Anniversary – Laurie + Mike

When Laurie (my mother-in-law!) reached out & asked me if I could take photos for their 30th anniversary, I was SO PUMPED. To be able to capture their love for each other that has weathered the test of 30 years, 3 now grown children, daughter-in-laws, & grandchildren was an honour.

Laurie was inspired by the shoot I posted about last week in the water, wanting something similar. A family friend of mine said she knew a way to get us a private waterfront for the shoot, & when we got that figured out, it was set.

We started off nice & sweet, walking along the beach & taking all of those pretty pictures, but I promise it didn’t stay that way!!!

The beach was ABSOLUTELY beautiful. These two got super comfortable in front of the camera really fast, laughing & showing off their true personality (which was easy since I knew what that really is, no way they could hide it from me!).

Trying to remind them constantly to forget that I was their daughter-in-law & that they’re allowed to kiss lots was important! (Josh, my husband & their son, didn’t love seeing me edit these! haha!)

Staying on dry land didn’t last long of course, in no time at all we were in the water! (I seriously need to start remembering that when couples want to get in the water, I will also need to get into the water so I should bring towels & a change of clothes. Maybe one day I’ll remember.)

And while as beautiful & cuddly (maybe a little steamy) these photos are, it didn’t last long. I couldn’t help myself but suggest a little splash fight, which might have gotten a little out of hand in the best way possible.

There was so much laughter as they tried to push each other over (Laurie always losing as Mike would ensure she went down with him) and get each other absolutely soaked.

But don’t worry, they quickly made up afterward.

So I think all was forgiven in the end.

It was such a joy to be able to capture this for people I care so much about. To be able to show that such joy & laughter & beauty that is their relationship after 30 years of marriage is one of the best things I could imagine.

I also hope that this shows that couples shoots & anniversary shoots are for every season of your relationship. As you two change & evolve, photos to remember each part of your relationship is so important. To look back on & laugh, maybe at how hard you thought everything was then or your naivety. Maybe to celebrate finally being empty nesters or a big milestone in anniversaries (like Laurie & Mike did with their 30th) or whatever other reason you’d like to find an excuse for some beautiful memories frozen in time.

I mean, I know I’m biased, but I think it’d be a pretty fun way to spice up date night 🙂



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