Bancroft Egan Chutes Provincial Park – Tiff & Jack

Today’s session is one of my favourites, & that’s because of the people in it. Let me introduce you to Jack & Tiffany. 

I met Tiffany on Instagram on her art account Tiff’s Art Collection, began talking, & hit it off IMMEDIATELY. She became an internet bff instantly. We talked all things business & the ways we could collaborate together. So when she mentioned her wedding, I JUMPED at the opportunity to capture it, thinking what way would be better to collaborate than to be able to be there on one of the biggest days of her life??

However, she lived in Barrie, ON & I’m based in Pembroke, ON. This was going to be a problem, because neither of us wanted to drive the whole way to the other, so we found a happy middle ground: Bancroft, ON. Now, I know nothing about Bancroft other than where the Tim Horton’s is from road trips through there, so finding a location was simply just Google searches. I landed on a place called Egan Chutes Provincial Park .

This is a warning to anyone who wants to go there: the entrance where you go in & see the sign, that’s not the right entrance. That would be too simple. It’s the one that’s going to bottom out your car that’s going to be the entrance you want. We found that out the hard way, but this didn’t wreck the mood too badly, as when we finally found the spot, it was beautiful & worth it. 

There were perfect spots to have them sit on tree roots & on rocks & wonderful twirling places. The mist from the chutes made it look so dreamy too. Their outfits started with a classic white t-shirt and jeans & then they went into more of a “formal” look with a blue dress & nice shirt & pants for him. 

They were so adventurous, willing to jump on rocks & WANTING to jump places where I wouldn’t have asked them to otherwise. It was truly one of the most fun I’ve had & the most scared I’ve been, haha!

These two were just so much fun & I can’t believe I finally got to meet my online bff! I can’t wait to tell you all about their wedding that Joshua David Videography & I did together!

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