Constance Bay Air Mattress Save the Date – Shannon & Ryan

This session fit something that had been on my photography bucket list for the LONGEST time: A SUNRISE SESSION. And these two couldn’t have picked a better spot for a sunrise session, but I might be getting too ahead of myself already!

I met Shannon & Ryan when I was looking for couples willing to be filmed for my promo video by Joshua David Videography. We did a session at Barron Canyon & it was absolutely beautiful & Josh + I fell in love with these two as a couple right then and there.

Fast forward to them asking us to be their wedding photo + video team & we couldn’t have squealed more than we did (okay, I did!). They wanted their engagement session to be unique & also wanted to make it a Save the Date video time, so they invited Josh to join us & film their video, which I thought was such a fun idea to send to their guests rather than a separate invite!

So, this session was near Ottawa at Constance Bay & it had the most CLEAR water & was just one of the most GORGEOUS places I think I’ve ever been to! Shannon & Ryan had scoped out the area & knew that the sun was going to rise in the best spot possible for their session too, which we definitely appreciate! 

Josh & I woke up at 4 AM to be able to drive & get there in time for this, & the beauty of doing this stuff with your husband is that you can make him do the driving ;). When we got there, we found Shannon & Ryan to help carry the champagne bottle & glasses AND the air mattress (!!!!), but more on that later!

We started just walking up & down the beach, doing our thing in the beautiful early morning sun, finding a patch of grass to sit in, & of course making them do lots of cutesy things before they changed outfits (putting my tent I bring upon request to sessions to good use) & popped the bubbly!! (They never mentioned in the phrase “it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere” if it’s 5am or pm!)

After popping the champagne, we made our way into the water and onto the AIR MATTRESS. This was my second time doing an air mattress session & it’s seriously so worth it. It’s such a fun way to get more poses & some unique shots that aren’t what you normally see in an engagement session, plus you get in the water without getting too wet (hopefully!). 

Then we got our feet sandy, twirling around the beach & just having the time of our lives. 

It was seriously such a fun session & totally worth messing up my sleep schedule for & would love to do more in the future. Can’t wait for February when we get to see these two tie the knot!

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