Couples – Emma & Aime

When Emma reached out to me & described what she wanted, I seriously squealed. This was such a dream.

She invited me out to their property on the Quebec side & got to see the most BEAUTIFUL views of the Ottawa River. Like. Seriously.

We started with a few photos with their boys (who are ADORABLE, btw. But obviously little troublemakers).

But not long after, we moved right into their STEAMY photos. Like, when I say steamy, I mean it. They are obviously SO SO in love & couldn’t keep their hands off of each other. They laughed together & just were obviously best friends. (while they weren’t telling the kids to stop fighting, haha!).

But wait, it gets BETTER. They wanted to get into the water & I couldn’t have been more excited about this. And if you thought it was hot & steamy before, you ain’t seen NOTHING yet. We started with fun splashing & getting all cuddly (because everyone gets in the water in a pretty dress to cuddle, right?).

When Emma reached out to me, she had a few “must have” shots that she wanted to try & get. One of those was to appear naked in the water together. And let me tell you, it was so GOOD.

Like, I’m sorry, WHAT??? How is it fair to look that good!? I’ve got questions about that because WHAT. Absolutely unfair.

We finished up in the water, taking a few more adorable & stunning photos.

And then Emma had ONE MORE “must have” shot. And this is a shot I had NEVER been asked for before & definitely one of the more creative ideas I’ve had a couple have!

Are you ready for it? I don’t think you are. In fact, I know you’re not.








It was seriously the absolute best. Trying to avoid neighbours & waiting for others to get out of the water & putting the clothes in just the right spot was fun, but it was great. So great.

I loved how they wanted to show off exactly who they are, adding in things that show off their humour, their relationship, & taking the photos in a place that means so much to them as their home.

After the shoot (and they got changed!), I think I sat on their deck for hours, just talking. They are such a fun couple & are so lovely. This shoot set my soul on fire & was a perfect way to get back into the swing of things after the COVID break.

Thanks again, Emma & Aime! For welcoming me into your lives & home & letting me capture you two authentically.



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