Deep River Engagement Session – Sage & Drayte

When Sage & Drayte chose ME to be their photographer for their wedding & engagement session, I was blown out of the water! Sage is a successful photographer herself, Sage Tremblay Photography so I was a little nervous going into it, but they were just so wonderful.

We started at a family friend’s property which had the perfect country/rustic vibes for them! Her in her Anupaya hat & cowboy boots was a perfect fit. Especially when you get to the horses that we were able to take photos with!

After the horses (which were hard to leave), we had an outfit change & a location change as Sage had found a beautiful street with tons of fall colours left in the trees! She also changed back into her first outfit & we got a few photos of just her for her business, which was super fun.

Sage had one more location & outfit change up her sleeve! We went to her parent’s place in Deep River (all of these locations have been in or around Deep River) where her parents had set up a lil’ fire to take photos with her dog, which was so sweet. Also, it was SUCH an oddly warm day that being near the fire & all bundled up like they were must have been SO HOT. So props to them for looking so good while probably sweating so much!

THANK YOU SO MUCH SAGE & DRAYTE! I’m so thankful you decided to choose me for your wedding <3

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