Downtown Pembroke Branding – Mack & Lily Hair

When Mack & Lily Hair reached out to me to help redo their branding photos, I was ECSTATIC. As someone who gets her hair done by them & has for as long as they’ve been in the Valley, I couldn’t help but jump up & down when I got their booking. 

When I arrived to their session, they had so many ideas to show me of things they had brought & had so much collaboration going on, which is something that I love about branding sessions. I get to collaborate with the business owners on how best to show their business through photos. It was a team effort to create the perfect photos.

We started in their shop in downtown Pembroke, taking photo of their stock & their beautiful salon. Showcasing a lot of what clients would see when they enter the place. 

Going to the back of the space, we popped champagne to celebrate their win of opening their own salon. 

We found a concrete wall in the parking lot behind the salon to take some of the headshots in their first outfits. I always suggest multiple outfits for branding sessions to get the most content we can, that way we can pretend we didn’t take them all in one day ;). 

An outfit change with the same back drop led to the single headshots, but they’re such close best friends they kept making each other laugh. They kept insisting they weren’t good in front of the camera, but I’d say otherwise, & I’m sure you will agree after seeing the photos!

After getting photos of them in their chairs & in the salon, we lugged the couch from inside the salon onto the sidewalk outside of their store & I had to stand in the intersection during red lights to shoot the whole couch & the store sign. This was something that they asked if I’d be willing to do with them, so just going back to that good ol’ collaboration!

We went back to the concrete wall for some last shots of head shots & fun shots in a third outfit & that was it!

These girls were seriously so much fun to shoot in one of the most beautiful spaces! Thank you for choosing me, Shana & Hanna!

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