Engagement – Daria + Jordan

When I got asked by Daria & Jordan’s Icelandic wedding this coming September, I was PUMPED. (let’s be honest, that’s an understatement).

My next thought was: how do we create an engagement shoot that will be even close to as epic as the wedding when we’re in the Ottawa Valley?! Don’t get me wrong, the Ottawa Valley has tons of beauty, but a different beauty than what Iceland offers.

This led us into a manhunt for locations that are both beautiful & not frequently in photos.

Through one of Daria’s friends, we found Princess Louise Falls in Ottawa. None of us had been there before, but we made the trek. They brought their adorable daughter, Peighton, and she was a TROOPER.

We hiked around through the snow until we found the way down, and let me tell you it was precarious to get down there. We had to slide down on our butts & that revealed a large sheet of ice. Which, I don’t know if you thought about it, but that makes getting back up a LOT harder.

We decided to focus on getting photos & we’d worry about that after.

We also got a few family photos while we had Peighton (she was promised donuts & that definitely got a smile on her face & mine!).

Daria braved the cold with her bare legs & ROCKED it. They were just such a beautiful couple. If this is what can be done in a small amount of time, I cannot WAIT for Iceland.

The struggle was getting back UP. 90% sure I almost died & got shown up by these two body builders while they were also carrying their daughter. But no big deal.

We got up & that’s a big part, but the most important part is that these photos turned out BEAUTIFULLY.

I can’t wait for more adventure shoots like this!


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