Engagement – Lainy & Zach

My love for these two cannot be put into words. I’ve been apart of their wedding planning process since early on in the summer, & watching them switch & change & cut their guest list & just everything else has seriously been heart breaking. But these two have taken it in stride & I know that they’re going to come out of this even stronger than they entered it.

I’m so happy that I got to help them do a “normal” wedding thing, taking their engagement photos, while everything else was feeling anything but.

I had posted that my husband had shown me this really cool spot near the marina in Pembroke, & that I would LOVE to do a shoot there. Lainy messaged me & was so excited for her shoot to be in this spot, calling it a fairy wonderland vibe.

They came in & just COMPLETELY ROCKED it.

As they danced in the forest, I played a playlist that I curated just for them & it seriously felt magical with the sunbeams peeking through. They are just so OBVIOUSLY in love.

If you don’t think that they look absolutely magical in this, I seriously don’t trust you.

They got a lil’ adventurous with me too, going towards the water (after an outfit change for Lainy where she put on this HECKING CUTE little tutu thing and I LOVE it).

Zach seriously accomplished the best champagne pop I’ve had a couple do. I mean, that’s absolutely perfect!

So we took a quick little break for them to sip on some champagne with their toes in the water to continue this magical feeling.

A last minute stroll through the forest before losing the light led to some beautiful detail shots.

And then came the true adventure where I seriously had no idea what the actual heck I was doing.

I wanted to do more with the water, & they agreed. But I wanted to be more in the water & underneath the water was just mossy, slippery rocks. So all of these photos were them having a lot of faith in me & my vision (which, thank you! thank goodness ya’ll didn’t slip) & reminded me, yet again, that I am not graceful.

After needing to recover from a few near falls, we got a few last minute photos in the forest (seriously just excited that there was light left in there!)

Lainy then showed me the ring box that Zach proposed with that her grandfather made. Something like that being so sentimental & obviously special to the both of them, got it’s own little photo shoot!

By this time, it was dark & they let me practice some sparkler shots with them! While I still want to practice more, I think they came out pretty cute. (I think Zach just kept drawing the mouse ears from Disney Channel over & over!)

I am so happy that I have been able to meet these two & that I now feel like I can call them friends. They are so special together & have such a beautiful love, I can’t wait till I see them get married on the 26th!!



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