Fun In Smith’s Falls – Meagan & Paul

Meagan & Paul had just gotten engaged & wanted a session at his family’s property to celebrate near Smith’s Falls, ON. How was I going to say no?

When I showed up, I got the warmest welcome from his parents & offering of fresh produce from their garden to take home, seriously the kindest people. Then, we got to what we actually came here for – the photos!

Meagan had a few ideas up her sleeve, including a sign with their wedding date on it, a bench she wanted photos sitting on, confetti, & more, but for now, we’ll start at the beginning with her beautiful orange shirt & some beautiful trees! Using them in the foreground to add some extra interest was fun – it was easy to get extra creative with these two!

The bench in front of the old shed with the street sign with his last name on it was super sweet, & then added the letter board with “Morrison gets the Greene light”, which is a play on both of their last names, was really funny & cute. 

After this, they changed outfits & she was in a super cute romper that I LOVED. The sun was setting behind some of the trees & we got some of the most BEAUTIFUL sun shining through. 

They then showed me the sunflowers that were still blooming that his parents had and Meagan was in love with (which I totally understood) & we took some photos in front of them with the beautiful light on their faces & getting adventurous with piggy back rides & riding on his shoulders! We finished our time in the sunflowers with bio-degradable confetti!! It was such a good idea!

Before the session, they told me about this shirt that he has that his mother absolutely HATES. They wanted to take photos of them in similar outfits, him in that hated shirt, & tease her, using that as her invitation. I thought this was hilarious, so we sneaked off to find a spot where they wouldn’t see us for those!

This was so fun to shoot, & I can’t wait till their wedding in 2023 that I was asked to shoot!!!

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