Goddess Vibes Pembroke Maternity Session – Taylor & Connor

This maternity session was an absolute DREAM. I was connected to Taylor through her sister, who I went to high school with & was friends with! One of those full circle moments & one of the wonderful things of small town life!

We started her session out with just her, and she looked like an absolute GODDESS in the tall milkweed of my favourite field in Pembroke, ON.. She had her hair done by Valley Roots in downtown Pembroke & the braids just fit the look perfectly with her floral jumpsuit & denim jacket. 

Of course, we had to add in Connor as the soon to be father into the photos too. Somehow, he did JUST as well as she did & was a dream to shoot. They were just the SWEETEST couple, beaming about their growing family. 

Towards the end of the session, getting her alone again in the sunbeams & doing a few last photos of the two of them as well with the absolute DREAMIEST (how many times will I say dream in this blog post?) sunset with pinky-orange clouds. Ugh, it was just so perfect

Thank you Taylor & Connor for choosing me to be part of this experience. I wish you & your growing family nothing but the best. <3

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