Killaloe Adventure Engagement Session – Darian & David

This couple, Darian & David, was definitely more of an adventurous one & I LOVED it. They also had their own location in mind that means a lot to them and I love when couples do that! This way, you feel comfortable because you’re in a place that you feel safe in & that you know. Plus, it gives the photos that much more meaning. This property is in David’s family & he spoke about spending much of his childhood days on that beach. So to be able to capture their love now, just really meant the world. 

We started in the water on the air mattress they brought & it was a BLAST. It was a good reminder for me to bring a change of clothes and a towel when I know water may be involved to get THE shots, I had to go in pretty deep with them! It’s also good to know that the phone in rice trick does indeed work, as I had to find out about it the HARD WAY in this session. But I’d do it all over again, because it was steamy & PERFECT. This was my first time trying the air mattress trend & I hope to do it so many more times because of this session!

After we got off the air mattress & an outfit change (may I mention that this session had some BOMB outfits?? There were three & I loved ALL of them!), we stayed in the water still & had tons of fun! They were seriously down for anything & had so many ideas of their own. 

In fact, the next idea they had after their next outfit change, was to bring out a canoe, which was SO much fun and the first time I had ever shot a couple in a canoe, so TONS of firsts with this session & I loved it. They did a loop in the lake & then came back for some close ups. 

They then changed BACK into their first outfits for some of the CRAZIEST piggy back rides I have ever seen. When I say this couple was up for anything, I mean they were up for ANYTHING. They put their trust in me while also trusting their own intuition & suggestions they had. It was a perfect mix. 

Thank you SO MUCH for choosing me as your photographer, & I can’t wait for your wedding in 2022! <3

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