Petawawa Terrace Proposal – Robert & Natalie

When Robert reached out to me because of a friend referring him for planning a proposal, I was STOKED. Surprise proposals are some of my absolute favourite things to capture. 

We went together before the day to make sure we were going to be at the same spot. He picked Petawawa Terrace, as that’s where they always walk their dogs & they both love the spot. We found a semi-secluded spot where the two of us could hide, while a mutual friend would go with her, walking their dogs together. 

Complete with rose petals leading her to him, it was just the most romantic thing. Natalie seemed completely shocked when she came around the corner & saw what she probably least expected to see. 

After the proposal itself when off amazingly, Rob unveiled his next trick: he had brought clothes for her to change into for the session. I thought that was super thoughtful, as you don’t exactly wear your best outfit to walk your dog. 

Megan, the mutual friend, took the dogs away so they could enjoy the session. And they completely rocked the session! Doing fun things like jumping into his arms, & just being up for anything. 

I am so SO thankful that I was able to be a part of this. Thank you for choosing me to be part of your big moment! <3

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