Photography Mentorship – Portia of The Urban Lounge

When Portia, the owner of The Urban Lounge in Petawawa, reached out for some mentorship on how to use a camera for her business, I screamed. Literally. Mentoring & teaching is a passion of mine & something I would love to do more of, so when she reached out to ask if I would be interested in helping her, I said heck yes faster than you can imagine. 

We started with what camera to buy within her budget & why. Once it arrived, I sent her so much info on all of the manual goodness of what the settings meant & we met up in person to do some shooting for her summer launch of her scrunchies through her brand Lounge Life

It was so much fun to play & help her vision come to life, but to also help her do it on her own. 

When you’re a business owner, it can be scary to hand over some of the reigns. But if you’re already a creative person & get the image of what you want in your head, but a camera seems like a foreign object.!Or maybe you’re a hopeful photographer, but have no idea how to start your business. I would love to come alongside & help you. 

Thank you, Portia, for trusting me with part of your business!

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