Shaw Woods Engagement Session – Kaylee & Brady

Okay, ya’ll ain’t ready for this one. They are seriously some of the CUTEST humans to ever walk this earth. They messaged me photos of outfits to make sure they had the right idea & hats that he could wear & which coat & EVERYTHING. They seriously thought of EVERYTHING.

I was able to shoot this one with my co-op student & very talented photographer, Allison. So some of these photos might be hers!

I knew I loved these two from the first prompt I gave: walk towards me like you’re really drunk. At the end of it, he took both of her hands & just started spinning, making the prompt completely his own & I fell in love. They made everything their own, rocking both the funnier prompts & the quieter ones.

Also, I just want to bring up their outfits? When they sent me photos of their ideas, I didn’t have to change ANYTHING. And their outfits with the fall foliage, absolutely perfect. I wouldn’t change a single thing. Both their casual outfit & their more formal outfits fit the area wonderfully.

Once they changed into their more “formal” outfit, we did spinning & twirling (because why not when she’s wearing a dress) & again they were absolutely stellar. I also loved his hat! I’m very picky about hats because sometimes they’ll leave a shadow on your face, but this one just worked somehow & I loved it.

This engagement session felt more like a friend hang out than a session. These two are just such lovely humans. Brady even checked on me while I was in the hospital. They are definitely people that I’d like to be friends with & I’m so thankful that I get to be there on their wedding day.

Thanks for choosing me to be your photographer! <3

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