Steamy In-Home Petawawa Session – Holly & JM

When Holly reached out, saying that she wanted to do indoor steamy photos at her home in Petawawa, I was all over that. What a perfect venue in April, when the weather can be hit or miss! 

She’s a photographer herself (hollyanneportraiture), so being able to collaborate and make her ideas come to life. 

Her room was decorated absolutely perfectly, neutrals & tons of natural light, a photographers dream! It also helps that she herself is one & knows what would look good. 

If you want to do a session in your home, please don’t hesitate to send videos of your space in different lighting conditions to see if it’d be just the best fit for some sweet winter-y & cozy photos. 

These two were a perfect mix of steamy & tons of kissing with laughter & giggles. It was absolutely wonderful. 

Thank you, Holly, for picking me to capture the two of you!

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