With COVID literally ruining weddings this year, the few that I got to do were really special. This one being my first one of the year was so intimate & sweet. It took place at a park in Ottawa with their closest family members & was just SO beautiful.

Behind the shoots

Wedding – Lindsay & Michael

A few days before I got a message from Elijah, I had been lamenting to my husband about how I would love to photograph a proposal, but felt that staging one felt like I wouldn’t get what I wanted. How would people know it would be something I’d love to do if it wasn’t in […]

Behind the shoots

Proposal – Elijah + Mallory

When I got asked by Daria & Jordan’s Icelandic wedding this coming September, I was PUMPED. (let’s be honest, that’s an understatement). My next thought was: how do we create an engagement shoot that will be even close to as epic as the wedding when we’re in the Ottawa Valley?! Don’t get me wrong, the […]

Behind the shoots

Engagement – Daria + Jordan

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