The Everyday Bride’s Guide to Planning Your Dream Day: Make Up and Beauty

Hello again! We’re continuing this series with another vendor contribution! If you missed last week’s, you’re definitely going to want to go back and read what Lana had to say from Astrid’s Florals! You can find that here!

Today, we’re with Sugar Society, who I was lucky enough to have do my make up as well as my three bridesmaids’ on my wedding day back in May. Our artist was Carissa, but Stacey (the owner) came & hung out with us too.

Honestly, throughout our getting ready process, these two women became part of our little group rather than a vendor. They were seriously amazing & felt like friends by the end.

I also got my make up done by Carissa for my engagement photos, as well as having a trial, and then the big day.

Make up from my engagement shoot taken from Carissa’s Instagram
Make up from my engagement shoot taken from Carissa’s Instagram

(You’ll also get to see how my hair has changed throughout this wedding process as well, haha!) I went more dramatic for my engagement photos than for the actual wedding day, but they were so good at taking the feel & look I was going for and just creating it on my face! It was so fantastic and I definitely felt very heard & understood.

Not only did they do my make up, but I also went in for other things leading up to the wedding day!

My maid of honour & I did their hydra facial masks! Those were both really weird & lovely all at the same time. I also did face sugaring, which was great for my eyebrows, as well as having really smooth skin for make up application.

Make up from my wedding trial taken from Carissa’s Instagram
Make up from my wedding trial taken from Carissa’s Instagram

I’m going to move into what Stacey from Sugar Society has to say, because obviously that’s the most important part of this blog: hear from the professionals.

The first thing she has for brides isn’t just for your make up vendor, but for all wedding vendors you’re looking at (she has SO MUCH experience in the wedding industry, so she’s seen her fair share of weddings and brides), but to “choose vendors that have experience with weddings and bookings already! It makes the day go smoother and you want to ensure that they know how to handle anything they may face day of. Proper set up, scheduling , appropriate timing are all key day of and you want someone you can trust will keep things on time.”

Stacey then went into more specific tips for picking vendors with make up and beauty. “It’s also important that whoever they hire are using proper sanitation standards- it’s ok to ask questions around this if they [the bride] are unsure!” Which is really important! Don’t try to be too polite and skip this question if you aren’t sure , because this can impact things much deeper than just your wedding day.

“Make sure they are using high quality that is specific for photography and that they are skilled in using it. Improper products can cause flashback in photos, and things like not enough blush may make people look ‘washed out’ in photos.” As the photographer, this might be my personal favourite tip! It’s also important for those who are wanting to do their own make up – this is a different day than you doing make up for a night out on the town and taking selfies with your friends.

The last thing that Stacey offered me was: “Do your research! Look at photos and styles of make up and meet up to see if they’d be a good fit.” This is where some of the tips from one of my first blog posts comes in handy, like having that Pinterest board that you can take or compare to make up artists to make sure you’re a good fit! I would always suggest from my own personal experience to do the trial! Make sure you like your artist & maybe you’ll be ask lucky as I was in finding people more like friends!

Finding the girls at Sugar Society to not only do my make up, but to also help me find skin care & the other little things before the big day that would work best for me was really the best case scenario for me.

One last very practical tip for every bride that the girls at Sugar Society gave me was to get those under eye gel masks (I got mine from the local drugstore) and put them in the fridge the night before the wedding. You won’t sleep that night either due to nerves, partying, or who knows what, so taking these out in the morning and using them while you drink your coffee and figure out your plan for the day will help the puffiness under your eyes. Your make up artists will thank you for it 😉

My girls with those under eye masks and those cute robes morning of my wedding!

BIG THANK YOU to the girls at Sugar Society in Pembroke!
You can find their wedding Instagram here!
Their main Instagram here!
Carissa’s, the make up artist from my wedding, is found here!
And of course their website for booking & to maybe answer more questions is here!
They also have a location in Kingston, and you can find their Instagram here!

If you have any questions for any vendors on your crazy & stressful wedding journey, comment them below & I’ll find someone to get an answer! 🙂

See you next week or over on my Instagram!


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