The Everyday Bride’s Guide to Your Dream Day: Introduction

Hey ya’ll!

I’ve been working and contacting vendors and gathering information for this new blog series that I am SO excited to write for you! I want this to be information galore for brides everywhere, but especially brides in the Ottawa Valley!

I just got married this past May (almost 3 months!! still so weird to say that I’m married!!) & worked with a lot of local vendors to make my dream day happen! I would love to both feature the places I used & ask them what they wish bride’s knew before booking them.
Some of the vendors that I’ll be featuring are:
Valley Roots
Astrid’s Florals
Simply Beautiful Dresses
Sugar Society
Hitch Studio
Urban Lounge
Spruceholme Inn

and more, along with a range of topics for brides, their entourage, & everyone else involved in their wedding day!

If you have anything you’d specifically want to know or if you’d like to be featured, please comment or send me a message!

I want to be able to serve you & ensure that you have the best wedding planning experience possible. As someone who has just been in the thick of it, I know how overwhelming everything seems. I want to create a resource that you can turn to when you have questions, are wondering what to look for in a vendor, or other wedding concerns. 

So keep your eye out for future blog posts here! They’ll be posted on social media once they’re live!

Can’t wait to join you on your wedding planning journey! 

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