Your Session: What to Wear

So, you’ve booked your shoot or decided that you want to book one.  As the date creeps up on your, one thought that probably comes up in your head is “what the heck are we supposed to even wear??”. Look no further, I’m here to help you choose! I’ve created some Pinterest boards for you to browse, but don’t hesitate to reach out if you’re still uncertain! I want you to be as comfortable as possible & wearing something that you’re super confident in, but I also want to make sure that your outfit is going to photograph super well! 🙂 The clothing can really set the tone for the shoot and can really impact the editing, so it can be a fairly important choice. So, without further adieu, let’s get this party started!

To start, you always want to remember that you want to coordinate, not match. Don’t wear the exact same colours, but make sure that they colours go well together. We also don’t want tons of prints & bold colours that are going to distract & take the centre show in your shoot. We want to make sure that you guys & the surroundings are the two most beautiful things. The clothes are there to add to, but never take away from. 

You’re also not going to want to wear baseball caps or anything with a brim that you’re not going to want to take off because of hat hair. I love hats, but depending on the lighting, it might make your face too dark! Also, if you have transition lenses, please bring a pair of normal glasses, contacts, or be prepared to ask if you’re comfortable removing them for a few photos (we want to be able to see your eyes!).

I think I’m going to break up the outfit inspiration & tips by season/weather. 

I’ll also start by the current season we’re in – fall.


With the beautiful bright leaves & orange & reds everywhere, neutrals are going to be your best friend. Jeans, cute boots, & a cream or grey sweater. Maybe a pop of rusty orange or yellow in your sweater or a burgundy cardigan. These can go for both genders as well, just also add khakis for men! You don’t need to be in the exact same colour either, remember that! If the weather is warmer, cute dresses with a cardigan, still in the more neutral colour palettes of course (I love the movement in dresses, they make beautiful photos!). 

Don’t be afraid to add some fun accessories! A hat, a fun scarf, whatever it is! Bring it!
Also, if you’re doing an engagement shoot or couples shoot, never be afraid to ask for an outfit change! Getting photos in comfortable & casual clothes as well as more formal wear will get you more diversity in photos as well as giving you an excuse to dress up! 🙂

Moving on to winter!


I know that people might not love the idea of getting photos done in the cold winter, I promise that they are some of the most beautiful photos. The contrast of you & your loved one against the white backdrop of snow is just to die for.
With that snowy backdrop, I would recommend avoiding pure white outfits. You don’t want to blend into the snow. Also, if you don’t love the look of your winter jacket, a vest would help you keep warm! I always like bringing a blanket for couples to cuddle in as well, but if you have one that means something to you or that you just love, bring that along too!

Colours the are neutral (browns, greys, beige, cream, etc) are encouraged. Other colours are burgundy and dark greens that are just going to look beautiful! If you think you can handle the cold, a few photos in a beautiful long dress are going to be absolutely BREATHTAKING (the great thing about the long dress is you can still wear your Hunter’s to keep your toes warm and no one will know ;).

Lastly, I kind of put Spring & Summer together as the “warmer” months (let’s be real, in the Ottawa Valley there isn’t much Spring at all.)


So, again, neutrals are ya best friend. Lighter or muted colours are great, but of course a lot of it will depend on where the shoot is at! If you’re going into a forest, wear something that’ll set you apart from the green trees a bit like white or grey. This time of year gives way to a lot of bold patterns, but I would advise against them for the shoot! Wear something with movement, like a skirt, dress, or a flowy top. This will give something extra to the photos as well as it’s the only time of year to do it and be fully comfortable.

But don’t wear something just because it’s trendy (this goes for EVERY season!), wear something that feels like YOU. The shoot from the photo above was in their gym & they wore their gym clothes! You can still wear things that are super comfortable to you & feel like you, but are going to look fantastic in photos. You don’t want the photos on your mantle to not look like you or really remind you of you at this time in your life. If you only wear pants & can’t remember the last time you wore a dress, don’t wear a dress! No matter what you show up in, we will make something absolutely beautiful come out of it. Also, don’t wear shoes that you can’t run in or stand for a while! We don’t want to try to make you smile and have a genuine connection with your partner while all you can think of are the growing blisters!

Of course, no matter what, never hesitate to reach out if you’re uncertain!

tl;dr version:
– stick to neutrals when possible, if colour, muted is better
– don’t do busy patterns
– don’t match with your partner, but coordinate!

Any questions? Did I miss anything? Let me know!


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