How to Dress for Your Session

It’s one of the first things people ask me after they book a session or hear they’re going to have an engagement session: What do I wear?? This blog is here to help with the do’s & don’ts of how to dress for your session, & give you outfit inspo from real sessions I’ve shot!

First, why does it matter? Your outfit can either add to the session or take away from it. The focus of the session should be on YOU, so we don’t want someone’s eyes to be drawn to your shirt or dress first. We want you to notice your smiles, the emotion, & hopefully a pretty sky maybe too! But don’t worry! Maybe you’ll read this blog & still not be certain on whether that outfit is good or if it needs tweaking. That’s okay! Bring a couple of options to the session & I can help you decide on what to wear & you can change in my lil’ pop-up tent. I usually recommend two outfits for a session; a more “casual” outfit & a “formal” outfit. This will give you more of a variety of photos!

Think about the background of your session! Where is your shoot at? Whether it’s at the beach, on a hike, or during fall can really impact how you would want to dress. You want to pop from your surroundings, so while it’s tempting to wear your orange sweater to your fall shoot, you might blend in with the leaves! Consider a white one instead! You also don’t want to go the opposite & look so out of place either, so a bright red dress might not be the best pick at a beach. Stand out while also matching the “vibes” of the location!

Let’s start with some do’s:

  • Coordinate, don’t match.
  • Wear neutral colours or colours easily found in nature
  • Wear a dress or skirt for added movement
  • Make sure your outfit is weather appropriate!
  • Wear something that you’re comfortable in & makes you feel good!

Next, let’s have some don’ts:

  • Wear bright or neon colours
  • Wear too many patterns or loud patterns
  • Wear a shirt with a large logo on it or a graphic tee
  • Wear a hat with a huge brim (especially baseball caps)
  • Be afraid to ask or just bring a bunch of stuff day of your shoot to pick something out together!

Outfits can be the finishing touch on your session, truly making you the centre of the photos & keeping the feeling we’re trying to convey truly come through. However, if you’re uncomfortable in what you’ve chosen to wear, it doesn’t matter what the outfit looks like, that’s going to show through. the photos more. If you’re constantly worried about a skirt riding up, shoes being uncomfortable, a shirt not being long enough, etc. etc. you’re going to be way more preoccupied with that than loving your significant other, and that will come through the photos. So wear what makes YOU comfortable & definitely wear things that show off your personality! I promise we can make something look good & make you feel your best at the same time!

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