Locations I Love to Shoot At

Are you wanting to do a session, but have no idea where? Maybe you just need some inspo to figure out where you’d love your next session to be. This lil’ blog is to help you out!

First off is this field in Pembroke that I found and LOVE. Sometimes it has longer grass & sometimes milkweed, it just depends on your season & what’s been done to it & it’s surrounded by trees. It’s one of my own finds & I absolutely LOVE to shoot here.

This second one isn’t a secret, but Black Bear Beach is a classic one I love to shoot at. You have to kind of time it right to make sure we don’t run into a bunch of people, but it’s one of the quieter beaches anyways. It’s absolutely gorgeous there & the sunset is always to die for!

Next we have one that’s a little bit of a drive if you’re coming from Pembroke like me, but so worth it! Westmeath Lookout. No surprise, it’s in Westmeath & it’s absolutely perfect, especially if you’re willing to roll down a hill or at least run down it. It’s sunsets and the fields you’re looking down on are absolutely beautiful.

If you’re a lil’ more on the adventurous side, we have Baron Canyon. One of the easier hikes I’ve done, it’s absolutely a breathtaking view! You have to do it a little earlier than a usual sunset session, because the sun likes to hide behind the trees, but it’s definitely one worth while.

Shaw Woods has to be one of my absolute FAVOURITES to shoot at. It has everything I love in a location – easy access, not hard to get to the location, TONS of trees & beauty, & just all together loveliness. Every session I shoot here becomes my favourite pretty quickly.

The Pembroke Marina doesn’t always come to mind when you think of beautiful locations, but if you’re willing to go on a little walk down the Kiwanis walkway, across from the college & off the beaten trail, there’s a beautiful spot filled with lush greenery, water scenery, & just a space that looks straight from a fairy tale.

Can’t decide between water & forest for your session background? Well then, may I suggest taking a drive to Foy Provincial Park? With absolutely perfect water, tons of little trails, & not a far walk (if you take the right path & I did NOT the first time, oops) to get to the beauty, it’s definitely one for the books.

If you’re a LOT more adventurous, I have done a session at Eagle’s Nest look out near Calabogie. The hike was long, we got a lil’ sweaty (don’t worry, I bring a tent you can change into your photo-worthy clothes at the top), but the view was just absolutely breathtaking. Plus it’s a bonding experience, so we’ll be bffs by the end of it!

Adventurous, but not in the nature kind of way? Drive to Ottawa & get ready for some PDA in the Byward Market! Seriously so much fun, even if it’s raining or a warm day & perfect for ice cream. Getting to explore side streets & point out things you might not have seen before, it’s a lot of fun!

Maybe you’re more of a homebody! That’s okay, let’s celebrate it & the home you’ve created together & have your session in your home! Perfect in all seasons, & you know exactly how to be comfortable ( just add a human with a camera in with it!) Super cozy & able to be perfectly yours

The never-ending Petawawa Terrace is super fun to find our own lil’ spot, call it our own, & take tons of super cute photos at! Giving you the perfect woodland vibe, it’s also a good option if maybe sunset isn’t an option for you, as it allows tree cover for any time of the day!

Last, but certainly not least, Constance Bay Point. In between Arnprior and Ottawa proper sits this perfect little beach with super clear water & the softest sand. A dream come true. I don’t know what the people amount is during the day, because I’ve only done a sunrise session, but I can attest that it has the perfect sunrise!

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