A Very Personal Pembroke Wedding – Laura & Kevin

I had done photos with Laura & Kevin at the gym they own, Valley Apex Training Grounds, both for branding & to celebrate their engagement & I actually went to high school with them too (I was a grade or two below them, so I’m surprised they even remembered me!). So when they asked Joshua David Videography & I to do their wedding, I was SO EXCITED!

Planning a wedding & re-planning a wedding during COVID isn’t easy, but these two pulled it off & had such a beautiful wedding, you would have thought it was their first choice! 

We started with the boys at a family friend’s house, getting their ties on, showing off their “FOR THE BOYS” socks, cheersing their beer, & playing video games together. You know, the typical stuff you do on a wedding day if you’re a guy ;). 

We then ran over to Laura’s parent’s home for the girl’s getting ready photos, which is also where the actual wedding was going to take place, which is very handy! The girls were beautiful, & having to capture some of Jack (their dog) was very important too! Laura’s dress was such a unique one, being a two piece dress! Getting to show it off to her girls was so fun & is a part of a wedding that I love to make happen where I can. We got a few photos inside with all the girls & with their flowers from Astrid’s before beginning the ceremony!

The ceremony was seriously SO them. The altar was a piece of gym equipment (please don’t expect me to know what gym equipment is called, haha!) & their vows were said back & forth to each other in such a funny way, but still so meaningful to them. 

After the ceremony, we always try to capture some of the candids of people hugging you & congratulating you on getting married, and this time was no exception! It’s one of my favourite parts of the wedding, getting to see you interacting with all of your guests & experiencing the pure love & joy that they have for you.

From there, we went into the expected family photos & wedding party photos. All of these were done in the same backyard that they got married in, which was marvelous that they have a space that large & beautiful to be where they got married, had photos taken, and got to have their reception! 

Of course, next were photos of just the two of them (and a few with Jack, their dog, too! Can’t forget him!). I’m so lucky to have couples where you look at them & think “of course these two are getting married, there’s no one else for this person”, & these two are definitely one of those couples. Simply made for each other, you can tell that they’re both each other’s biggest supporters & I just love that so much. 

The reception got underway, where they had pizza for dinner from Milano’s & Laura & Kevin had a pizza of their own shaped in a heart with L + K in pepperoni on it! (THIS PHOTO IS IN DETAILS).

The speeches were next & were funny & tear-jerking all the same. But I think the most crying happened when Kevin & Laura gave their speech together. Laura could hardly finish hers as she honoured those who had passed before their day. Emotional & full of joy, it was beautiful. 

The whole day was just perfect. Filled with details that made it so obviously them & the two of them just looking amazing, it was filled with love. 

Thank you, Laura & Kevin, for inviting us into your lives & allowing us to be there on your big day!

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