The Everyday Bride’s Guide to Planning Your Dream Day: Florist

Hey there brides-to-be & girls just dreamin’! (no shame here!)
I am SO SO PUMPED to start featuring vendors! (If you have NO idea what I’m doing, you can find the Introduction to this series here & the Important Questions blog post here! Of course, if you’re just here for the flowers, keep going!)

I’m not really featuring them in any particular order, they all can play a really big part in your day depending on your priorities, what you find first, and who you click with.

Every vendor I feature is one that I either worked with personally for my big day back in May 2019 or one that I would recommend anyways! I have full trust in each of these people and their expertise in this area!

Today, I’m featuring Astrid’s Florals (you can also find photos on their Instagram)! They’re in the heart of downtown Pembroke & right when you walk into the store, you see freshly cut and still growin’ flowers! With her signature brick wall, her aesthetic is BEAUTIFUL.

photo from Astrid’s Florals on Instagram.

I remember when I first walked in to make our flower appointment, Lana (the wonderful owner), introduced herself to my maid of honour and I & told us her vision. She loved having the fridge of flowers out in the open so her client’s could have a say & be apart of her creative process. I fell in love with her RIGHT away. When I started showing her my Pinterest board of dreams, she got it RIGHT AWAY. SHE JUST GOT ME. It was fabulous! She gave it to me straight and gave me equally beautiful budget friendly options as well as the more expensive options, but she knew exactly how to make each bouquet look beautiful regardless of budget!

While I loved all of my vendors, I felt like she and I just clicked. On the day of my wedding, she came at 8am, way more awake than I was, & ready to problem solve all of the things that I just forgot about. She made my day look absolutely WONDERFUL.

Photo taken from my personal Instagram of a bouquet by Astrid’s

So, enough of what I have to say about her, let’s hear from her instead! I asked her for what she wishes brides knew specifically about flowers for their big day & she gave me some tips to pass on to you!

The first thing is season matters.
“Be sure to look for flowers that will be blooming naturally around your wedding date, and stay flexible on the exact breed of flower. Asking for certain stems that are not currently in bloom may run your bill higher than you’d like.”
(I found this quick little flower guide from Bridal Guide, but always ask your florist, because different weather in each year can change this chart a little bit!)

Think outside the box
“I love creating unique details – don’t be afraid to ask your florist to show photos of their favourite wedding work or inspiration to collaborate on a new idea!”

photo taken from Astrid’s Florals on Instagram.

It’s easier to think outside the box if you trust your vendors.
“Florists work with a natural product, which means the often need to stay flexible. If the flowers you ordered haven’t quite bloomed or aren’t as large as the florist would like, they may need to make substitutions to keep your florals perfect. We have your best interest at heart!”

Whether you choose to use Astrid’s as your wedding day florist, or you go another way, I really hope that this information helps you as you go into your wedding planning!

photo taken from Astrid’s Florals on Instagram.

A few extra things that I realized I needed to know before hand were:

  • a rough idea of my colours
  • a rough feeling for my “vibe” or “theme” of my day (so they can find flowers to match that!
  • a rough budget so she knew what flowers she could use and find within that budget
  • what things you’re wanting flowers for. We had eucalyptus on our tables, altar flowers, some flowers at the end of the “pews”, boutonni√®res, wristlet corsages, bouquet for me & my girls, and a flower crown. Maybe you’ll want more, maybe you’ll want less, but a rough idea is a good thing to have! Lana worked with us in the months leading up to the day and kept open communication to know if we needed more or less (let’s be honest, it was ALWAYS more).

Is there any thing else you need to know about flowers?? What other vendors are you excited about me including? I can’t wait to show off the rest of them!

Thank you for reading and a HUGE thank you to Lana at Astrid’s for lending us your knowledge!

-Caroline Dorothy

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