Petawawa Terrace Engagement – Rebecca & Mike

Getting to do engagement sessions before weddings are some of my favourite things to do. Meet the couple, have some fun, get to know each other, all of that fun stuff. But it’s even better when it’s more of a reunion like it was here because Rebecca & I went to high school together! Aren’t small towns fun?

They loved the idea of forest-y vibes, so we went to Petawawa Terrace & found a spot away from people so I could make them do all of the PDA. 😉 Their first outfit was SO cute & perfect for the colours around them too, which was absolutely wonderful. Your outfit can seriously make or break a session, no pressure.

Family came part way through the session with their dog for a few photos & they changed into Toronto Maple Leafs jerseys for a few family photos (this is when a few people happened to walk by & they got heckled a little bit, haha). I love when couples are comfortable enough with me to make the session perfectly theirs.

They changed into a new outfit (it’s times like these that my portable changing tent really comes in handy) & got a few “normal” photos with their dog too.

Another thing they brought was champagne with gold flecks (I had NEVER heard of it before this!!) to pop & toast during the session! Another thing that made this session so wonderfully & perfectly theirs. We had so much fun & she had a few funny ideas for poses with it, like laying on his lap while he poured it into her mouth.

We took a few more photos in this outfit & called it a day, knowing that we had gotten SO much, especially with the multiple outfits & props & dog! If you’re worried about not getting enough out of your session (which I don’t think you should ever be worried about), take a note from this session, seriously!

Thank you, Rebecca & Mike for choosing me & I can’t wait for your wedding!!!

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