Wedding – Lindsay & Michael

With COVID literally ruining weddings this year, the few that I got to do were really special. This one being my first one of the year was so intimate & sweet. It took place at a park in Ottawa with their closest family members & was just SO beautiful.

Her father walked her down the aisle to her husband-to-be, who obviously was very excited to see her (who can blame him, she was absolutely BEAUTIFUL).

The rest of the ceremony was basically me just trying not to cry at how absolutely heart-warming their vows they wrote themselves were. I don’t think anyone had a single dry eye.

Right after the ceremony, we went straight to celebrating with their families! It was such a fun time to be with all of the people that they care the most about.

We went right into all of the family photos, which included these sweet ones with their dog & with their nephew that I couldn’t help but post!

How can you say no to those faces? Ya just can’t.

Even though it was hard to pull them away from their family, I just had to so we could capture of few of just the two of them to remember this day.

While I know this wasn’t their plan a, they truly showed that even during a pandemic, your wedding can be special & perfect. They’re planning on having a bigger ceremony & reception next year, but I’m so happy I got to be apart of this special day for them, & I wish them nothing but years upon years of happiness.



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