Pembroke Marina Proposal – Shannon & Tyler

When Tyler reached out to me from the Toronto area about going on a trip with his girlfriend to The Sands at Golden Lake & was wanting to propose, but really wanted a photographer to be hiding in the background to capture it, I was THRILLED. I was so excited to have been found & asked to be a part of this. 

The plan was, after they were done with dinner at the Nook Creperie , he would text me what they were wearing & say how long until they got to the Marina where I told him I was at so he would know where to find me. I also invited Josh, my husband & videographer, to be a second shooter. In a case like this where everything’s coming and you don’t know when, it’s always better to have a second set of eyes on it.

When the proposal happened & he got down on one knee, the cutest thing happened (other than her saying yes). A chipmunk was sitting right in between them as he was on one knee. 

It was so sweet. And then being able to jump out after she said yes & introduce ourselves & explain that we get to go do a session now, & that I know the perfect place for it. Behind Algonquin College on the Kiwanis Walkway, there’s a beautiful spot within the trees that I’ve done a session before (

In the glow from the engagement, they rocked the session so completely. They were so beautiful together and so in love & blissful. They had been together for four years and met at university, so this was a long time coming and so perfect. 

Thank you, Tyler & Shannon, for allowing me to be a part of this big moment in your lives. <3

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